What can bookwyrm do?

While all results are still printed, mirrors are no longer fetched
because it takes forever to (4 GET requests per item). Mirrors will instead
be fetched when an item has been chosen (not implemented yet).

Speaking of slow GET requests, bookwyrm now stores libgen query results
in /tmp/bookwyrm-<--title argument>.html which makes everything so much

There has been some general code cleanup: simplified statements, better
comments and varaible names, removal of superflouos code, minor bug fixes, etc.

The biggest commit in this alpha, however, is the use of fuzzy string
comparison! Item attributes which can't be matched exactly (authors,
title and publisher) are instead fuzzy compared. Thanks @seatgeek/fuzzywuzzy!

Currently known issues:
    - libgen: authors are in some cases delimited with ' and ', which
      isn't parsed for.