Commit b73d6ccc authored by Jonas Jacobsson's avatar Jonas Jacobsson

Update Semantic

parent c43c1d89
......@@ -76,10 +76,10 @@ f(3)
\frac{ \sigma^{P} [arg_1 \mapsto p_1, ..., arg_n \mapsto p_n]
\lang e_1,\sigma\rang \longrightarrow \lang p_1,\sigma' \rang , ...,
\lang e_n,\sigma^{n-1}\rang \longrightarrow \lang p_n,\sigma ^{n} \rang
\lang f.arg_1,\sigma\rang \longrightarrow \lang p_1,\sigma' \rang , ...,
\lang f.arg_n,\sigma^{n-1}\rang \longrightarrow \lang p_n,\sigma ^{n} \rang
\qquad \lang f_c,\sigma^P \rang \longrightarrow \lang x , \sigma^R \rang}
{\lang f(e_1,..., e_n), \sigma^P\rang \longrightarrow \lang x, \sigma^R \rang}
{\lang f(arg_1,..., arg_n), \sigma^P\rang \longrightarrow \lang x, \sigma^R \rang}
\qquad (5)
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