Commit cd41867e authored by Oscar Brink's avatar Oscar Brink
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vim python syntax file added

parent 496a67a9
" Vim syntax file
" Maintainer: Oscar Brink <>
" Last Change: 2018 12 16
"source /usr/share/vim/vim80/syntax/python.vim
syn keyword pythonConstants False None True
hi def link pythonConstants Constant
syn keyword pythonBuiltinMethods __class__ __delattr__ __dir__ __doc__ __eq__ __format__ __ge__ __getattribute__ __gt__ __hash__ __init__ __init_subclass__ __le__ __lt__ __ne__ __new__ __reduce__ __reduce_ex__ __repr__ __setattr__ __sizeof__ __str__ __subclasshook__
syn keyword pythonStatement class def nextgroup=pythonBuiltinMethods, pythonFunction skipwhite
" TODO temp:
syn keyword pythonSelf self
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